Adyn’s Dream Secret Santa 2018!


Adyn’s Dream Secret Santa

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It’s that special time of year again, and Adyn’s Dream is looking continue it’s Secret Santa program from last year! Last Christmas, we surprised 35 different amazing people living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – children, teens and adults – with the gift they’ve been wanting but just couldn’t afford. These incredible people were nominated by their loved ones (family, spouses, teachers, healthcare professionals, friends, etc), we purchased the gifts, wrapped them in Christmas paper, and shipped them out before Christmas! Adyn’s Dream shipped toys, adaptive equipment, tv’s, game consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch,etc), iPads, Apple Watches, Broadway tickets, and more). We were overwhelmed by the reactions and responses from everyone, and we’re wanting to do it again this year!

The rules are simple …

  • If you know someone living with SMA (and know what they really want for Christmas), open an email, address it to, copy the questions below, paste them in the email, answer each question, and send!
  • We will be accepting nominations until midnight on Sunday, December 2nd
  • The only 2 disqualifying criteria are: The nominee must have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and if we sent a gift to them last year – they are not eligible this year.

Please fill out each line – they are all required in order to be accepted into consideration. Once completed, please email the information to


  1. Your name:
  2. Your email address:
  3. Your phone number:
  4. Name of nominee with SMA:
  5. Age of nominee:
  6. Your relationship with nominee:
  7. Nominee’s shipping address:
  8. Nominee’s phone number (can be parent if under 18):
  9. What is the gift?:
  10. Link to gift online:
  11. In 3-5 sentences, please explain why this gift is special (does not impact eligibility):
  12. If clothing (or if size is required), please provide that info:
  13. Anything else we should know?