Adyn’s Dream Store & Fundraising Page

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Adyn’s Dream Store & Raffle page! We are a nonprofit that operates solely on donations from generous people like yourself, and we sincerely appreciate your time and donation! We do our best to make sure your feel comfortable with participating in our raffles, and want to explain how they work.

Adyn’s Dream Silicone Bracelets!


Check out these new Adyn’s Dream bracelets made from 100% recycled silicone! They have our logo engraved on it and elements of the Adyn’s Dream colored music staff represented in the tie dye design! This makes each one of these unique in it’s color! Just click here to go to the donation page to purchase your bracelet today! They are only $5 each – a minimum of 2 bracelets must be purchased for all online orders. Thank you!

Adyn’s Dream Store Items!

Adyn’s Dream Oval Stickers

Show your support for Adyn and her nonprofit by purchasing some stickers! These stickers are produced using the same material and technology as skins found on racing cars, and because of that, they very high quality! We currently only have 2 sizes available … please feel free to purchase multiple stickers in multiple sizes … just let us know at checkout what you’d like.

5″ Oval Bumper Stickers – $5

3″ Stickers – $4


Adyn's Dream 5" Oval Bumper Sticker

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